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Hidden Perks of Unit Tests

Hidden Perks of Unit Tests
Unit testing is one of my favorite software engineering techniques. In our industry, the word “testing” is strongly associated with the word “bug”, so the common belief is that unit tests help find/eradicate/prevent bugs. And while this is not untrue, there’s much more that unit testing can offer! H…

Hiberate Traps: @Transactional Integration Tests

Hibernate Traps: @Transactional Integration Tests
Introduction After a short summer break we’re getting back to tracking down the most sneaky and vicious traps that Java developer may s...

Where to write Android UI Tests (two articles)

Where to write Android UI tests (Part 1)
Hi everyone! We (Kaspresso Team and AvitoTech) are back with more about automated Android testing. Previously published articles you may find here, here and here. This article is an overview and…
Where to write Android UI tests (Part 2)
So, in the first part, we’re done with checking out UI-test drivers and learning how the most popular of them work. We see that they all solve low-level tasks, i.e. find an element on the screen and…

JUnit Coroutines Runner

JUnit Coroutines Runner
Writing tests for kotlin code with coroutines requires adding runBlockingTest for each test method. In the article we’ll try to work around that so that we don’t need to write it.

Why I'm switching from Mockito to MockK

Why I’m switching from Mockito to Mockk | Eric the Coder
For the longest time, Mockito has been recognised as the go-to mocking framework for Android,...

Don't mock static: test SLF4J Logger with appenders

Don’t mock static: test SLF4J Logger with appenders
Do you want to assert that SLF4J actually logged warn with proper message? Check this guide on how to mock logger in tests, in Kotlin and Java.

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