Compose + Testing

Overview of UI Testing in Compose

Presentation by Michael Bailey on Droidcon London 2021. Overview of UI Testing in Jetpack Compose.

How to test Jetpack Compose

Article – introduction into testing simple Composable in context of Android with jUnit4 composeTestRule

Kotlin Mutliplatform

Testing on Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile and a Strategy to Speed Up Development Time

Aleksander shares his strategy for creating tests suite in Kotlin Multiplatform projects

Understanding and Configuring your Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Test Suite

Overview for test suite in KMM projects by Touchlab


Automatic screenshot testing for all your Compose @Previews

Screenshot testing with Compose @Previews by GDE David Vávra

Using Ktor Client MockEngine for Integration and UI Tests

Tutorial by Aleksander Jaworski  about mocking Ktor Client for tests on Android


Dynamic Testing in JUnit 5; a Practical Guide

Guide to generate test cases with jUnit5.

First Mocked Unit Test Generated by DDTJ - Building DDTJ Day 9

Part of building DDTJ

It’s often very difficult to create a unit test for a complex bug with complex mocking. The goal of DDT is: if you can reproduce it you can unit test it. It provides you with the full set of tools to generate a fully isolated unit test. This, in-turn enables high-quality code, reducing the programming feedback loop.


Why Testing After Is a Bad Practice

AKA why you should consider TDD:

Android Emulator for Automotive available!